Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Farewell to Sex and the City

Last night I enjoyed to watch the last two episodes, along with my couch intermittently. The serie has been entertained people almost 6 years. For me, as witness to the evolvement of those characters, the farewell might like to say to old me. The loneliness that Carrie went through in Paris, has shown in the scenes, color and the music. I quite like those different musical elements playing in the episodes, particularly the kind of European style. I don't know what kind of the instrument they are. Anyway it brings out some lonesome moment that I have not never seen before in past episodes. Maturer and deeper inner side of characters can be found out incidently, if you look closer....
Well, the ending is happy. Carrie left her Russian lover and eventually chose to stay with Mr.Big (John, his real name) who came to Paris for her. I was thinking, assumed that we are not perfect and the process of looking for true love is certain like a game, which you never know what is going to be at the end, then the ending is even not an end.
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